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Leigha and Bryan

August 18, 2012

The Waterview

Leigha and Bryan had an amazing wedding. First let me start by saying, not only were Leigha and Bryan a blast to spend the day with, but their wedding party was a ton of fun as well.  The groomsmen and the bridesmaids had an unspoken competition to see who was going to be more comical behind the camera.  This bunch was ready to party from the moment the festivities started until way after the reception ended.  But having met and spent time with Leigha before the wedding, we were definitely expecting a fun night.

Bryan was quite the handsome groom.  And he was mostly definitely accommodating to his wife.  Leigha definitely likes all things girly, so there were touches of pink and sparkle spread throughout the day.  However, I must make mention of Leigha’s other side.  She is not only a gymnast but a stunt person as well. She has done t.v. shows and movies (you should watch the hunger games and see if you can find her!)  Jake and I spent our time leading up to the wedding trying to figure out what fun stunts we could encourage Leigha to do.  But we kept getting stuck on the lack of maneuvering possible in a wedding dress, and we abandoned all crazy ideas.  So, we were super excited when she suggested a handstand.  While it wasn’t the round off back tuck I was dreaming of, it was certainly an unexpected offer and a first for us from a bride.  We spent the day laughing with this couple, their friends, and family.  It was a fun and laid-back day from the start.

Leigha and Bryan were married on the lawn outside the Waterview.  It was a beautiful ceremony officiated by a long time friend.  We always find these ceremonies enjoyable since you get to hear more personal, intimate, and of course funny details about the couple. Once the ceremony and photos were over, the party kicked off.  It was full force from start to finish with some hilarious moments throughout the night. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed capturing the moments.  Leigha and Bryan, thanks for including us in your wedding day.  We can’t wait to see you again soon!